Souris Valley Long-Term Assistance Prepares for Summer of Hope

This year, and likely for many years still to come, the recovery effort from the flooding in the Minot area last summer will be continuing. Souris Valley Long-Term Recovery will be conducting many of these efforts, and they recently turned to KK BOLD for aid in the form of the development of logos for their group and for several of their affiliates. We were honored to be of assistance.

Souris Valley Long-Term Assistance works as a representative for the people of Minot who currently lack the means to assist themselves in Minot’s rebuilding efforts. There are currently 780 homes in the Minot area with families that are single parents, elderly, or are in other ways unable to get back on their feet by themselves. The group has so far raised almost $4 million to pay for home building supplies and labor.

With the money they raise, the Souris Valley Long-Term Assistance will pay for skilled labor to come to Minot from across the country to help get homes “sanitary, safe, and secure.” This won’t necessarily mean rebuilding homes from top to bottom, but they hope to get homes in a state where at least people can return to their homes, whether that’s providing one bedroom, a toilet, a sink, a bath or a kitchen. Every little bit helps towards the overall effort.

The Souris Valley Long-Term Recovery committee came to KK BOLD and asked us to provide them with logos, so that they would have a unified look to represent their organization. The logos we designed for them were intended to visually reflect each agency by the good works that they are doing.

Each individual logo is connected by the common theme of the image of a rising sun, meant to represent the rising of a new day in the Minot area. Thanks to groups like Souris Valley Long-Term Recovery, we all hope to see that new day begin for all affected families. KK BOLD remains committed in assisting Minot to rebuild with this effort an in any future efforts to come.


Posted on March 9, 2012 in KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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