Red Wind Casino

The gaming and dining paragon of Puget Sound, Nisqually Red Wind Casino nevertheless has a lot of lesser rivals vying for the area’s attentions. Rather than just throwing money at the problem, we instead counter this competitive conundrum with lots of market research, smart media buys and promotion pieces, from targeted radio, print and outdoor to direct mail, interior posters and toppers. Results? Yes.

Upon completion of their year-long casino expansion project, Red Wind was trying to think of a way to tell the world that they were “redder than ever.” So we said, hey, why not marketing? They agreed, and one full court press campaign of billboards, print and online ads, radio and tv spots later, everybody knew.
Advertising Red Wind’s new seafood restaurant turned out to be as simple as one – two – sea. Did you sea what we did there? Anyway, we designed the logo for the seafood restaurant and, with the assistance of an on-location photo shoot, the marketing with signage, online and print ads has been just as simple as letting their guests sea the dishes they serve. Again! Nailed it!

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