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ECHO Bear Cat, a business unit of longtime KK BOLD client Crary Industries, recently came to KK BOLD looking to give their website at a substantial upgrade. What ECHO Bear Cat wanted in their website was a place where their customers could find all of the information they needed for the sales process, from research to point of sale, online. They wanted a site that was the equivalent of their informational brochures, with all of the specs and information on all of their products, where potential customers could go and have all of their questions answered before making their purchase.

We gave ECHO Bear Cat exactly what they asked for in their website. The new site is jam-packed with information on all ECHO Bear Cat products, from wood chippers to trimmers to PTO machines to log splitters. The site has its own Buy Guide feature, linked right from the homepage, where customers can choose their equipment and get answers to their qualifying questions. We also set up the site to be easily self-administered by the ECHO Bear Cat staff, so that they can edit or add pages whenever needed. Finally, we also gave the site a dynamic design, one of two excellent options that we presented to ECHO Bear Cat to choose from. You can see for yourself by visiting the site just how visually-pleasing the end product is.

The good folks at ECHO Bear Cat were extraordinarily pleased with the work we did on their new website. “The level of functionality on the new site is exceptional,” says Kurt Kainz, Marketing Manager. “With all of the levels of access and information provided for our customers, buying an ECHO Bear Cat product has never been so easy.”

So if your yard or worksite needs the best in outdoor power equipment, check out for all the information to make the right decision. It’s a website befitting the quality, dependability and craftsmanship of the ECHO Bear Cat brand.

Posted on May 15, 2012 in KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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