Prairie Knights Casino & Resort

For over 20 years, a duration hitherto unheard of in gaming marketing, KK BOLD has been the proud agency of record for Prairie Knights Casino & Resort. Together, we have solidified Prairie Knights’ reputation as the region’s premier entertainment destination.

With Prairie Knights’ location a bit off the beaten path, KK BOLD harnessed the power of outdoor with a series of directional billboards to make sure the casino is easy for everyone to find.
Because of their less-permanent nature, we use digital billboards to advertise Prairie Knights’ concerts, gaming promotions and food and beverage specials.

Prairie Knights’ online presence is given high priority as an information source and touchpoint for their guests. KK BOLD made their website responsive so it works equally well on all platforms.

KK BOLD is a full-service agency, so we’re able to create all the elements for casino campaigns across all channels — print, outdoor, broadcast, social and more.

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