On track in Las Vegas

June marks six months since KK BOLD’s bold venture into Las Vegas started.

In those six months, KK BOLD has cultivated relationships with a diverse clientele throughout southern Nevada. One of the most interesting clients is Exotics Racing, which is dedicated to giving everyday “Average Joes” the chance to drive a high-end, high-performance sports car on a closed racetrack. Filling the average persons need for speed has been lucrative for Exotics Racing and a blast for KK BOLD. It certainly is one of the most fast-paced accounts our agency has worked on. (Pun was intended.)

What has also been mutually beneficial is our partnership with Gill’s Printing. The well-established printing company has provided KK BOLD with the opportunity to meet several Nevada businesses. Green Valley Grocery is one such client. Green Valley Grocery is one of the largest convenience store chains in Nevada. The chain is using KK BOLD’s public relations services to help them navigate the governmental and community terrain in an on-going bid to build in a Las Vegas suburb.

In the immediate future, KK BOLD will be holding a series of workshops (“Buzz Sessions”) with southern Nevada businesses and non-profits about the latest marketing and social media trends. Looking to the long-term, LaRoy Kingsley says the move to Las Vegas has been positive.

“We are right where we expected to be after six months,” says Kingsley. “We’re playing a long game and building a solid foundation.”

Kingsley points to a comment from a long-time Las Vegas business executive. “She told us that the Las Vegas marketing industry tends to follow itself and the same ideas and visuals are consistently recycled. She told us that KK BOLD can offer a fresh perspective and inject new ideas into the  market.”

Posted on July 2, 2013 in Casino, KK BOLD, News

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