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Social media has been compared to a lot of things.

Black holes. Herds of cats. Never-ending oceans.

For the sake of 2011, let’s imagine social media and all of its components are an ocean. There’s sharks, hidden islands and even hidden treasures!

Would you need a life vest? Floaties? A navigator?

A whole new boat?

Your SOS calls have been answered. Stephanie brings the talent and ability to dream up ideas and then make them work. She comes to our team with five years of social media and social marketing experience (experiments) in a tourism-based business in the Black Hills of South Dakota. You may have seen her on the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel or SPEED in relation to her social media job during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Stephanie continues to teach how social marketing – done right – adds a new aspect of customer service, public relations, marketing and fun for a global audience. Her first challenge was to practice the preaching and focus on KK BOLD strategy. Hashtags were defined, handles were created and plans for developing engaging content followed.

The region’s own Cloverdale Foods now has a new plan in place to generate a community of supporters, spur the creation of user-generated content, expand the brand’s online real estate and, most importantly, drive direct traffic to and sales at grocers’ checkouts.

Stephanie meshed with our web development team to expand websites into social-friendly worlds, created content campaigns specific to Grand River Casino’s audience and helped new social media marketers navigate the waters. KK BOLD is setting sail on social marketing strategies, pointing them in the direction of brand awareness, improving user engagement and tracking the return on interactions. Now is the time to review your social media strategy. Is it working?

Consider KK BOLD the fullest, full-service agency in the region. Now boarding.


Posted on December 14, 2011 in KK BOLD, Social Media

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