North Dakota State Fair Continues Marketing Dominance

Attending a state fair is the highlight of the summer for many. Plans are made months in advance for which concerts, rides and events to attend. For people of all ages, there’s an anticipated thrill that grows as the date gets nearer. For the state of North Dakota, that time has arrived with the launch of the North Dakota State Fair.

A Decade of Greats

We at KK BOLD have looked forward to working with the NDSF marketing department to create captivating campaigns every year since 2003. As the Fair wraps up for 2013, we’re already marking the latest one down as another success. The results are just beginning to show themselves, but all indications are that this year will be another great big one for the Fair, marking high attendance and another sellout of the Fair’s Grandstand Show Pass. We can’t take all of the credit, but the comprehensive campaign we crafted certainly played its part.

During the planning stages, we set goals for ourselves in event awareness, exhibit news and concert promotions to help create excitement and generate interest, both from those who attend the Fair every year and those making their first visit. Before the major concert announcements, we got to work updating the look and freshening up to present visitors with up-to-date and easy-to-find information, from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

NDSF's dedicated mobile site

We helped NSDF meet the demands of mobile displays with a dedicated mobile site, complete with specific information for planners, ticket purchasers and others who needed information on the go. The 2013 event marked the first year for this feature and even though we knew that mobile traffic was increasing, we saw it top our anticipated traffic numbers. With more than 100,000 page views in 14 days, we’ve set the standard going forward for mobile users.

Comprehensive Campaign for NDSF

The summer’s biggest event deserves the summer’s most comprehensive marketing campaign. From beginning to end, the recognizable “Great. Big. Fun.” tagline led the way from the Grandstand concert announcements to the last-minute media blitz, and everything in between. A diverse,yet specific media campaign for the NDSF markets met potential visitors and exhibitors with an upbeat message across outdoor, online, television and radio airwaves. Print pieces were strategically placed in markets that have seen growth from areas experiencing the energy boom. Spikes in online traffic could be directly tied to digital campaign launches and on-air ticket giveaway promotions as directed by the KK BOLD Media Department.

See the 2013 television, radio and campaign collateral here.

As numbers are finalized and the grounds are restored to their pre-fair status, we’d like to congratulate the North Dakota State Fair for putting on a show that drew people from far and wide, and we look forward to doing it all over again next year for the 2014 North Dakota State Fair. As always, it was Great. Big. Fun. for everyone.

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