North Dakota Lottery Selects KK BOLD as Agency of Record

ND Lottery

KK BOLD has just won the lottery, in a manner of speaking. As the newest sign of our agency’s thorough commitment to excelling in the gaming industry, we were recently selected to be the new advertising agency of record for the North Dakota State Lottery.

Over the last four months, KK BOLD participated in a full RFP with a creative presentation against several other agencies in the state. The KK BOLD team members selected for this project devoted their total commitment towards the pursuit, and remained focused on the prize during that time. The end result was a proposal, marketing plan and creative presentation that reflected the best that KK BOLD has to offer. The management team at the North Dakota State Lottery seemed to agree.

The North Dakota Lottery has an excellent management group and a new marketing director who we are all extremely excited to begin working with. In the near future, look for elements of the new North Dakota Lottery marketing campaign to begin launching. We look forward to working in coordination with the ND Lottery team in presenting an exciting and dynamic new face to the Lottery brand statewide.

Our sincerest thanks go out to the North Dakota Lottery for having chosen us to represent them, and to our team members whose hard work and dedication over the last four months helped to make our selection possible. A BOLD new era is about to begin for the North Dakota Lottery, and we greatly look forward to all the new possibilities moving forward.

Posted on July 1, 2012 in News

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