North Dakota Lottery plays to win with recent research study


Who plays the lottery? And why? Seems like a simple enough answer to those questions. People who want to win millions play the lottery. But that doesn’t really narrow anybody out, so to better understand their audience, the North Dakota Lottery recently utilized KK BOLD for an in-depth research study.

KK BOLD, along with the Lottery, spearheaded a comprehensive research project along with a research consultant to gain a more current reflection of the lottery’s consumer base. The last such effort conducted by the Lottery was back in 2007, so more recent information was needed to better determine baselines on which to build future branding, advertising and promotional campaigns. The project used two primary information-gathering tools: a pilot study targeted at current players of the lottery and a 600-person statewide survey of current lottery players and non-players.

KK BOLD set out with a few goals in mind. We wanted to obtain information about player habits, measure awareness and perceptions of ND lottery games, and determine non-lottery player’s interests and reasons that they may not play. We also wanted to hone in on playing habits of lottery players segmented by demographics. The results indicated a mix of older and younger players, as well as an interesting schism between the two groups, that older players continue to be primarily motivated by point-of-sale advertising, whereas younger groups are now more reliant on getting information via social media or email. This suggests that a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign wouldn’t be nearly as effective in reaching all prospective lottery players, so a more targeted media plan will be necessary.

Three primary motivators emerged as favorites for what drew people to purchasing tickets. The first two, the fun of playing and the hope of winning, shouldn’t be terribly surprising. But the third was of greater interest: Convenience. Research indicates that the easier it is to play the lottery, the more likely non-players are to participate. This is great news for the Lottery, as that has been a central goal in some of the newer promotions and will continue to be a driving factor in future marketing efforts.

Overall, the Lottery received a large amount of encouraging information from the study which indicated future increases in business. WIth the information we gleamed, we are better able to tailor our marketing towards potential customers to increase the Lottery’s bottom line. So the end result is definitely worth the effort, and something we would highly suggest to all of our clients. We’ve heard the voice of North Dakota Lottery customers and non-costumers, and you can expect that same voice to work its way into future Lottery advertisements.

Posted on May 2, 2013 in KK BOLD, KK BOLD Work, News

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