Nisqually Red Wind Casino reaps a Windfall

Windfall is defined by Webster Dictionary as being “an unexpected, unearned, or sudden gain or advantage.” For Nisqually Red Wind Casino, there’s been nothing unexpected or unearned about the rollout of their massive new promotion, Windfall, but they are hoping to see a sudden gain or advantage against their competitors as a result of it.

Windfall is an enormous new undertaking that has, without hyperbole, affected every aspect of how Red Wind does business. Windfall is powered by the EPICENTRAL Print System, manufactured by TransAct Technologies, Inc., which Red Wind is the first casino in the entire nation to utilize. The system is installed onto all of the casino’s 975 slot machines. Players are randomly selected and provided with personalized rewards that print directly from the slot machine. Red Wind is then able to market directly to their players, providing the casino with a competitive edge in the market and fostering greater customer loyalty.

KK BOLD has been working with Nisqually Red Wind Casino for months in anticipation of Windfall’s launch in the last few weeks. As part of the enormous marketing promotion, we have produced four individual TV spots, four radio spots, print advertisements, billboards, on-site signage, digital signage, direct mailers and e-mailers to spread the word. The EPICENTRAL Print System is a contractual exclusive to Red Wind, so central to Windfall’s marketing has been hyping that it can only be found at Nisqually Red Wind Casino. Also, because of the enormous scope of Windfall’s effect on Red Wind’s business model, their monthly newsletter, the Breeze, had to be redesigned to reflect the changes Windfall would bring about. Essentially, an enormous amount of work has gone into the marketing of Windfall, and the results are starting to come to bloom.

Nisqually Red Wind Casino general manager Quinton Boshoff says that the program has been in effect for several weeks, and the first reviews from customers are “overwhelmingly positive.” He adds that both visitors and the casino are seeing immediate results. “For Nisqually Red Wind Casino, it is all about providing our players with the greatest value,” adds Boshoff. “Whether you are a regular player or a first-time guest, you will have a unique, personalized experience.”

The launch of Windfall has firmly positioned Nisqually Red Wind Casino as a national leader in the Indian gaming industry in implementing the latest innovations in communicating with patrons, incentivizing additional play and driving traffic to other parts of the casino property. KK BOLD is extremely proud to have assisted Nisqually Red Wind Casino in this extraordinary promotional launch, and we both look forward to seeing just how much more benefits there are still to be gained from this Windfall.

Posted on February 20, 2012 in Casino, News

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