New Websites for Souris Valley Animal Shelter and Blue Water Lodge

We’ve always got new websites churning out at a regular pace at KK BOLD, and for this week’s e-news, we have two of our most recent efforts to spotlight – the Souris Valley Animal Shelter at and the Blue Water Lodge at Both websites were recent launches and both are excellent representatives of the quality work we put into all of our efforts.

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter came to us a while back inquiring about a new website. We told them that we love animals and had previously done the website for the Central Dakota Humane Society. With all of the work that the SVAS had done for animals during the flood in Minot last year, housing hundreds of animals while 4,000 houses were being evacuated, we wanted to give something back to them, so we offered to do their website as a donation to the shelter.

We built a website for the SVAS that would allow people to look for their new pet from the comfort of their home, pay for annual memberships online and provide a place for the community to get access to information if their pet was missing. We also created a new logo for them, and we trained the SVAS staff on how to use their new website so they can easily update content, news and animals every day. We provided these marketing tools for SVAS so they can do even a better job
helping animals find new families.

The website itself ties in with, a national site that has shelters from all over the country. The shelter is able to update their pets on and the updates carry over to the new website. The aesthetic design is also 100 times better than their old one. The people at the shelter have been very gracious for their new website. It will save them time in their day-to-day operations and hopefully attract more donations via the online form.

The Blue Water Lodge website was done for a friend of the agency, Tom Rohlfs. Tom works for an existing KK BOLD client, but called one day for a different reason – the resort that his parents owned desperately needed a new website, and they needed it fast.

So we built one. Fast. Tom had some pretty great photography and was speedy with his feedback on design and layout approval, so the site was able to hum along quite nicely. We managed to get it up and running before the busy summer and they’ve been using it to great success all season long.

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter and Blue Water Lodge are but two of the many websites that we’ve helped launch this summer. For details on these and other new websites, visit our Facebook page at, or visit our website at Our thanks to the Souris Valley Animal Shelter and to Blue Water Lodge for their able assistance in the creation of their new websites, and we hope that they will get good usage out of them in the years to come.

Posted on August 6, 2012 in KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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