New Website: Pioneer Trails Regional Museum

Things are going good for Bowman, North Dakota. The small southwestern North Dakota town sits at the crossroads of both neighboring South Dakota and Montana, at the center of a major energy boom and atop of one of the world’s best dinosaur fossil fields. The city’s commitment to careful economic planning – even in the toughest of times – has given Bowman the infrastructure capable of taking advantage of the city’s recent good fortune.

A prime example of this is the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum. The facility is a cultural center for the region, acting as repository for the area’s history and supporting ongoing historical, Archaeological, Genealogical and Paleontological research. The museum draws in artists, guest speakers and traveling displays from across the region and the United States. It stands as an example of what a small city can do when it fully capitalizes on what it has.

The Pioneer Trails Regional Museum turned to KK BOLD to design a new website focused on not only telling its story but offering information to professional historians, archaeologists, paleontologists and naturalists. By design, the site is simple and direct. And, like all KK BOLD sites, it was created to be as manageable and user friendly as possible. Take a look for yourself here and take the time to make a trip out to Bowman and see the museum and the beautiful North Dakota Badlands for yourself.

Posted on June 20, 2011 in News

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