New website for Nisqually Red Wind Casino breezes online

There’s a new wind that’s been blowing on the world wide web lately. Have you felt it? Probably not, as breezes aren’t usually detectable through computer monitors. But then again, maybe you have. Because Nisqually Red Wind Casino recently relaunched their website with the able assistance of KK BOLD. The end result is a website sure to blow viewers away.

Four months ago, KK BOLD launched a new look for all of Red Wind’s marketing materials. That new design is now featured prominently on the Red Wind website, located at The redesign was intended to be classy, simple, understated and visually appealing. It ended up being all of those things, and that, too, is what the website is now. It gives visitors a welcoming vision of what it’s like to play in the wind at Nisqually Red Wind Casino.

Check out the new site for yourself at It’s a great new look for Red Wind and one we hope their guests will enjoy once they catch wind of the relaunch. Did you see what we did there? Catch wind? Good stuff, right? Yeah, we know.

Check out what else we have to say about the work we’ve done for casinos.

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Casino, KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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