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When Candie and Carey from the North Dakota State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors reached out to KK BOLD looking for a new website, we had one very important question.

“Can we call your organization something a little easier to say?”

They had an answer all ready – they get that a lot.

The new site for the ND PELS Board had a lot of needs, other than how we were going to fit their whole name onto the homepage. They included:

1. User friendly content management system.
2. Easy to use online license renewal.
3. Quick and accurate licensure search.
4. Mobile-ready with a responsive layout design.
5. An interesting, dare we say BOLD, design.

And we delivered. Check it out at

Jennifer Nelson and Mathias Gieser handled the design and coding, respectively. Gieser was quoted as saying, “This is a great client to have. They have needs that go beyond the typical, with custom database reporting, advanced search and registration modules, and so on. Just a really interesting, fun project.”

Kalvin Kingsley, the account executive for the project, said “Candie and Carey were so great to work with. They had definitive ideas of what they wanted and needed, but they didn’t get bogged down on the details of how to reach the end goal. They recognized where their talents and ours lie, and everyone played to their strengths. That led to a really strong finished product.”

The project was a great one for both parties. Candie Robinson, Executive Director for the Board of Registration, declared “KK BOLD has been one of the most responsive organizations we’ve ever worked with. If Mathias told us he would call us soon to help answer some questions we had, he was calling within a half hour. We’ve told Kalvin that he is welcome to use us as a reference to anyone. We’re looking forward to moving forward with the future phases of the website – we’re just getting started!”

See the new ND PELS website for yourself at They’re happy with it, we’re happy with it, everybody is very happy with it. We’re still working on getting them a shorter name, though.

Posted on November 15, 2012 in KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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