New Tires Plus ads go out for a spin

Talk to Jarid Lundeen, owner and manager of Tires Plus of North Dakota and you will quickly discover that he’s serious about tires. It’s an earnestness that’s shared by his entire Tires Plus team. But being serious about their product and the work they do doesn’t preclude the folks at Tires Plus from having a little fun. And a new radio campaign written and produced by KK BOLD nicely captures this.

Over the years, customers in both Minot and Bismarck have come to rely on Tires Plus for the best in quality and service. The new radio ads build upon their well-earned reputation while, at the same time, standing out to the listener (and potential customer).

The new ads are earning Tires Plus’ some buzz and – most importantly – more business.

Posted on June 21, 2011 in News

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