New North Dakota Lottery website strikes it rich

Launching a new website is sort of like winning the lottery, except there’s not millions of dollars involved and nobody gets handed a giant novelty sized check. It still feels pretty good though, especially when the website looks as good as the one we just launched for the North Dakota Lottery.

KK BOLD was recently put in charge of the design and front end development for the North Dakota Lottery website at The website was given a whole new look that was designed to match the new marketing pieces KK BOLD has created for the Lottery. The site was also upgraded with a number of new features that were determined to be what users wanted most. These new features included prominent displays of jackpot numbers, and a find-a-retailer function that shows all North Dakota Lottery retailers on a dynamic Google Map.

Smartphone and tablet users will especially benefit from the new Lottery website. With the find-a-retailer function, no matter where you are, your location is geolocated in correspondence with surrounding retailers. Winning numbers can be sent directly to your phone. And the site itself is a responsive design created to fill your smartphone or mobile screen, no matter what its size. The new Lottery website is perfect for mobile users, so you can know when you win the Lottery faster than ever before.

You can check out the new North Dakota Lottery website for yourself at See for yourself why we think it’s a total jackpot. Except, again, no giant checks. We know. We asked.

Posted on June 18, 2013 in Casino, KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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