New HD camera takes commercials to a new level

Christmas came early last November for KK BOLD audio-visual director Mark Gray. That’s when the agency bought its own brand-new high-definition camera. And, unlike most kids who quickly get bored with their new toys, Mark is anything but bored with the new camera. In fact, he hasn’t stopped using it since he got it.

The camera’s acquisition adds to the agency’s extensive production capabilities. The new camera possesses features that are helping streamline KK BOLD’s production and post-production process; chief among these is digital (tape-less) recording. This allows for a much faster turn-around on projects by cutting down on the time it takes to start editing. Ideal in low-light situations, the camera’s versatility diminishes the need for special lighting equipment. Most of all, according to Gray, “The camera creates a stunning picture and is going to make all our productions – from web to broadcast – look fantastic.”

Gray says the camera’s purchase is the first of many steps the agency is taking in keeping with the growing industry trend towards all things high definition.

Posted on March 9, 2011 in News

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