Minot State University Direct Mail Program Still MVP Material

The high school juniors and seniors of the present day seem to have plenty of things to worry about, with their skinny jeans, Jersey Shore and facial acne. Their biggest concern, however, is probably where they’ll end up going to college. Their mailboxes and email inboxes are a testament to this fact, as many high schoolers are inundated with mailings from colleges, each eager to convince the prospective student to visit their campus and see what they have to offer. Because of the volume of mail that students receive, it is important to have a product that rises above the clutter to seize the attention of its intended recipient. KK BOLD has been assisting Minot State University in their efforts for three years now, with their highly successful direct mailer effort.

For our third straight year, KK BOLD has helped Minot State University to reach out to high school students while they’re in the process of selecting a university with a series of postcards targeted to juniors and seniors in high schools from throughout the area. The first step in the process has involved mailing out postcards to prospective students. For some of these postcards, a video is also emailed to the students. The student receives the video shortly after the postcard. The messaging for the mailers is tailored specifically for the goals/needs of the project.

After each year, we have made adjustments to the program based upon the results and response that we’ve received. As a result, the campaign remains fresh and continues to be effective. All of us at KK BOLD continue to be excited about this campaign and happy to be working with the talented group of professionals working in the Minot State University Office of Admissions, because they share our vision of utilizing aggressive and creative marketing to reach our goals. We look forward to continuing this program for many more years to come.

Posted on February 3, 2012 in News

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