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The boom within the energy industry here in North Dakota is garnering national attention and is the primary topic of conversation from small town cafes to the State Capital. The oil rich Bakken formation and the relatively new technology of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” have combined to put our state on the radar of a tremendous amount of new companies who are looking to take advantage of the seemingly endless opportunities.

One thing, however, that many of these energy related companies are finding is that even though business is booming, they still need to utilize smart marketing skills, top flight public relations and solid media relations to help them hit the ground running and build a reputation and an awareness that carries them into the future.

Here at KK BOLD, we are seeing the number of new business inquiries from companies looking to expand into the state increase at a rapid rate. Public relations for energy companies has been the primary area of interest because, along with all the positives a thriving oil economy brings, it also takes a toll on the people, the land and the infrastructures needed to support it. The list of negatives these companies have to deal with is long and the importance of a public relations program designed to be proactive is vital. Most of the energy companies we deal with have a strong sense of duty to be responsible corporate partners and they look for ways to give back to the communities they do business in. It’s our job to help them tell their story.

The other area we are seeing a lot of activity in is new business startups. The state’s overall strong economy combined with an overwhelming demand for services is opening the door for many new companies to get their start. While many are anxious to get to work, the smart ones know that to do it right, the development of a fully integrated branding program is the foundation to successful marketing efforts in the future. Brand development and the creation of clear and distinguishable marketing materials upfront is key for those companies to succeed even if the boom within the oil industry should subside.

KK BOLD is perfectly positioned to provide branding and marketing services to companies looking to do business within the energy industry in North Dakota. We study the market, we watch the trends and we make sure our team is aware of our clients’ challenges. We can help you make sense of what’s going on in the Bakken and beyond.

LaRoy Kingsley is the president of KK BOLD. He was rockin’ the Bakken way before they ever started making bumper stickers about it.

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Posted on January 5, 2012 in Energy Marketing News, KK BOLD, News

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