Let KK BOLD take your database far beyond first base

We can spot the difference between a real player and a wannabe.

Since a casino’s database can be sliced, diced, shuffled, intertwined, rearranged and  bollixed any number of ways, it makes sense to partner with someone who knows their way around such volatile stuff. That partner should be KK BOLD.

We’ve done so much direct-mail promotion for so many casinos, we’ve practically tattooed ourselves with bar codes. We know how to talk to the various tiers in your database, and what offers will drive them back to your establishment. We deal in cash backs, free plays and points on a daily basis, always finding creative new ways to make your offer sparkle just a little bit more than theirs.

We work with you, your department, and your database to keep those always-changing numbers changing for the better. And we’re looking beyond direct mail as the medium of choice for getting your message out.

As digital marketing continues to assert itself with targeted e-mail messages to customers of all demographics, we’ve just begun to harness all available venues of online marketing, creating messages that reach your prospects faster. Someday soon, you’ll make offers customized not by tier but by personal habits. We can spot the difference between a real player and a wannabe. And we can help you develop offers for both.

Next Steps

If you haven’t seen our work yet, by all means, go to our portfolio and see it now. If you’d like to discuss a new initiative or project with KK BOLD, please call LaRoy Kingsley or Stephanie Schoenrock at 888.255.9950.

Posted on March 17, 2011 in Casino

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