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KK BOLD has been working with Northland Community and Technical College for over a year. We started by providing them with a much-needed graphic standards style guide and online ads. At that point, Northland decided to ramp up their online recruiting efforts.

Northland wanted to show off their campuses, but in a way they hadn’t been able to do in the past. The traditional campus tours weren’t the best way to feature their high-energy hands-on programs, which are perfectly suited for online videos. So, we got to work.

We agreed on a combination of 60- and 90-second spots. We felt that a college student watching videos to get an idea of what Northland had to offer, wouldn’t commit to more than 90 seconds. And yet it allowed us enough time to highlight a few of their programs, so the students could really get a feel for what Northland would be like.

We produced seven videos — A campus introduction, Student Life, Aerospace, Business & Technology, Health & Human Services and Liberal Arts.

Five KK BOLDers traveled to Northland for the two-day shoot, Clay Hove, Clayton Snyder, Matthew Kurtz, Tyler Schmalz and Amanda Moser. Several of the classes we needed footage from were being conducted simultaneously, so they split into two teams. They were able to film the students and instructors in action without disrupting the flow of the classes.

All the videos, except Aerospace, have a consistent look and feel; following the graphic standards we developed for the brand. The Aviation program has a different look and feel from the rest of the college. It is division of the college and we wanted the video to stay consistent with the other materials from the program. Because of that, it is a bit bolder (if you will). The color treatment, music and graphics match the established look of the Aviation division.

All of the videos use quick shots and cuts, which relay the high energy the classes deliver for each student. The creative team also went with high-tempo modern music and soundtrack and a youthful female voice — All chosen because they better reflect the Northland campus and its programs, than a longer tour-type video.

We enjoyed working on the project and are proud of the finished product we delivered to Northland. Amanda Moser, KK BOLD account executive, sums it up, “It can be hard for colleges and universities to convey to potential students what the curriculum and campus is like. Every college claims to have great instructors and great learning environments, but when we show students interacting with Northland’s instructors on a one-on-one basis, with hands-on experience, the proof is obvious. Our footage captured houses being built, cars being fixed and refurbished, animals being dissected, blood being taken, gun range training and fire simulations — Just part of Northland’s normal classroom work. It’s hard to believe we captured all of these things in 2 days. Imagine what a whole semester would be like!”

Student Welcome Video – Northland Community and Technical College

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