KK BOLD Works to Increase DeMaND

The stated goal for the TCC DeMaND Workforce project is simple: To offer affordable job and career training to tribal students in order to help them to land quality, high-paying jobs in their future. KK BOLD was thrilled to have recently been tapped to assist DeMaND in that endeavor, when we were chosen to be the agency of record for the program.

The DeMaND Workforce project was recently awarded a $19 million grant from the Unites States Department of Labor. As such, they had put out an RFP to local agencies to help in some of their marketing efforts. KK BOLD prepared and submitted a proposal for the project in only four days’ time, and we were selected to oversee the project’s social media efforts, a media buy and to produce a series of printed mail pieces.

With our selection, we will be working with the consortium of colleges overseeing DeMaND, which includes United Tribes Technical College, Cankdeska Cikana Community College, Fort Peck Community College and Aaniiih Nakoda College. We will work on the development of a social media program, including setting up one central Facebook page for the project for all of the program’s involved parties, as well as training their staff in the page’s moderation. We will also be assisting in a massive media buy, as well as producing a series of printed mailing pieces to be sent to high school graduates and older students who are looking to either return to college or to start in a new field.

KK BOLD is pleased to lend a hand in the recruiting, training and educating of local tribal students, and we look forward to the work to come in the near future for the DeMaND program. Working together, we expect to help meet workforce DeMaNDs all throughout the area.

Posted on July 18, 2012 in KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work, News

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