KK BOLD Makes KK BOLD Website for KK BOLD, Universe Collapses Inward

KK Bold

KK BOLD has a number of demanding clients, but perhaps none more so than KK BOLD, a local marketing agency in Bismarck that KK BOLD does marketing for. Which is why when KK BOLD came to KK BOLD saying they needed a new website, we knew that only our very best work would be acceptable. Which is exactly what we gave KK BOLD. KK BOLD was happy.

To coincide with the opening of our new Las Vegas location, the KK BOLD website at www.kkbold.com was given a complete redesign. The website has a fresh new look, now utilizes more social media channels, primarily Instagram, and has integrated blog articles more prominently on the website’s front page.

The most exciting new addition, however, is that the website is now a fully responsive website. If you are like your humble article writer and had no idea what that term meant before writing this article, a fully responsive website is a website that can respond to the size and resolution of a visitor’s device, and then calibrates itself to provide the optimal viewing experience.  Responsive websites are quickly becoming a good option for many mobile web strategies, including those like the Boston Globe, Grey Goose, and the Barack Obama campaign.  A good demonstration of the form can be found here.

If your eyeballs are looking for things to be happy about, be sure to check out the new KK BOLD site at www.kkbold.com. We’re a bit biased, we admit, but we think it’s cool. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Posted on January 7, 2013 in KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work

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