KK BOLD Lunch & Learn Program Both Informative and Nourishing

There are two very important ingredients to a successful Lunch & Learn. The first one is the lunch, which is simple, because sandwiches never fail to generate smiles and suppress appetites. The second one is more tricky – the learning part. Which is why at some Lunch & Learns, the lunch may be memorable but the learning is subpar. Not at KK BOLD’s Lunch & Learns, though. They are the kinds of learning sessions filled with top-notch, cutting-edge marketing stuff that’ll make you go “hmmm,” assuming you’re into that kind of thing. Which you probably should be.

On January 18, KK BOLD hosted another in our series of Lunch & Learns at the KK BOLD offices. We filled a room with eager learners who heard from four KK BOLD departments: Public Relations, Creative Writing, Web Development and Social Media. The topic: successful social media marketing. The goods: how to use platforms, when to use them, how to track them and what’s next in social media. Presenters from our staff included KK BOLD creative director Clay Hove, public relations director Jason Matthews, social media director Stephanie Sandstrom and operations director Kalvin Kingsley.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve educated dozens of individuals on how to get a step up in the social media world. In the future, we expect to begin hosting events at our Minot branch and add a new set of topics at our Bismarck location. More lunches, more learning. We look forward to seeing many more of our clients at future events. The topics may change, but you can always count on the sandwiches.

Posted on February 3, 2012 in News

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