KK BOLD Heads to Chicago for “An Event Apart” Web Design Conference

Because we like sending our people to places, KK BOLD recently shipped Senior Web Developer Mathias Gieser and Web Developer Samantha Vondal to Chicago for the “An Event Apart” web design conference on August 26 to 28.

“I’d say this is the best conference that a web designer/developer can go to,” Sam says. The conference featured twelve speakers, along with an optional day-long workshop on multi-device web design. During their visit, Mathias and Sam absorbed a lot of information on the changing landscape of web design, including helpful bullets such as:

  • Mobile is taking over and changing ideas around the way companies plan and execute websites.
  • Content structure is becoming increasingly more important.
  • Responsive website design is now essential, with 7,000+ types of mobile devices out there.

We would reveal more information that Mathias and Sam learned at the conference, but then we would be forced to erase your mind with one of those Men In Black light device things, and we’re not certain that they actually sell those.

Mathias says that they learned “lots of good emerging tips and tricks for styling and designing sites, with lots of good food and drink and sightseeing in the evening.” Along the way, they got to be inspired by hundreds of minds similar to their own, all packed into the same area, soaking up information that they might just be able to put to work for you on your next project. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Overall, Sam and Mathias have returned from the “An Event Apart” more knowledgeable web designers than they were previously, and considering they were already pretty good at that beforehand, we are all way more scared of them now. You should be too, because with their new skills at web design, they are that much more dangerous. Consider yourselves warned.

Posted on September 12, 2013 in KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG

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