KK BOLD enters 18th year of marketing for distinguished Indian gaming clients

The one thing better than knowledge is experience. And KK BOLD is a full-service agency with extensive history in the relatively new world of Indian casino marketing.

Casino marketing is a fairly young field, and by young, we mean barely out of diapers. KK BOLD has itself been marketing casinos since 1993, when the company was known as Kranzler Kingsley Advertising. At that time, there was only traditional media: the usual amalgam of print and broadcast.

Enter the Internet. Kranzler Kingsley, like so many other communications companies, thought, “Hey, we’d better look into this.” And so was born our Internet management company, K2 Interactive, providing clients with web-based marketing and site development.

And what do you know — both regional and national clients got on board and surfed their way into the future with KK BOLD. Not because we use the same jargon everyone else does, or because we use the same tools everyone else uses. Because we provide something not everyone else provides: results.

Our Services

We are now in our 18th year of full-service marketing for an array of distinguished Indian gaming clients. Our hundreds of promotions for events, concerts and special giveaways have increased attendance, heightened awareness and burnished public perceptions in every target audience. From the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, KK BOLD has brought invaluable marketing experience and insight to the gaming industry. That same arsenal of expertise and depth can be yours.

To see our featured work in various media, click here.

The KK BOLD Advantage

Well, to be accurate, it’s a lot of smaller advantages bundled into one big advantage.  First, we keep you up to date on casino marketing trends. With technology developing faster than ever, you need to be able to manage it before it manages you. We’ll tell you what software solutions are hot, what your management systems are monitoring, and all the latest on mobile media, plasmas, backlits, and more.

Second, we become a de facto arm of your own marketing department. As an integrated communications firm, we work with you to meet your objectives in all initiatives, no matter how small. We’ll listen to your needs and make recommendations based on solid data, not hunches or guesswork.

Third, we operate on the understanding that your primary goal is the retention of existing business and building new business. Marketing is not art. (If it is, forgive us for using it.) It is the study of persuasive tactics and applying those tactics that work best in a given environment. Persuasion equals growth. And when you grow, we grow. We’re well aware that what’s good for you is what’s good for us.

Next Steps

If you haven’t seen our work yet, by all means, go to our portfolio and see it now. If you’d like to discuss a new initiative or project with KK BOLD, please call LaRoy Kingsley or Stephanie Schoenrock at 888.255.9950.

Posted on February 15, 2011 in Casino

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