KK BOLD brings gaming and social media together

Ignore it at your peril. Or embrace it and learn how to leverage it.

In the unending quest for new business, casino marketing managers know that social media is steadily outpacing traditional media as one of the primary ways to reach prospects. That’s where younger potential customers are turning and your current guests are getting their information.

Social media puts control in the prospect’s hands and allows him to talk back. Yes, even word of mouth has gone digital. No other communications medium in history has encompassed the advantages of all the others: the ability to spend time with it, like print. The color and motion of TV. The soundscapes of radio. The targeting of direct mail. The boldness and economy of collateral.

Social media has it all. And it offers you and your casino a choice. Ignore it at your peril. Or embrace it and learn how to leverage it.

KK BOLD bills itself as a brand-building agency designed for a digital world. We’ll show you how to simplify your social-media campaign with the tools you must use to promote yourself now. We’ll also show you how to moderate feedback and monitor all your messages across multiple platforms at a glance.

We’ll do your banners, blasts, news feeds, status updates, tweets, blog, videos and more. We do it for several successful gaming venues. We can do it for you, too.

Next Steps

If you haven’t seen our work yet, by all means, go to our portfolio and see it now. If you’d like to discuss a new initiative or project with KK BOLD, please call LaRoy Kingsley or Stephanie Schoenrock at 888.255.9950.

Posted on April 7, 2011 in Casino

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