Is 2012 the Year of Social Marketing?

As recently as 2008, social marketing might have been a part of your marketing efforts, but if it was included, it was experimental at most. In 2008, social media was the latest buzzword in marketing. It was brand new in terms of effective channels and it was scary.

Marketers were leery of its longevity and equally afraid of what it would mean to let someone else control a message about a brand. Two things have happened since 2008: the eager college students who were a part of shaping the social space are now one of the largest group of mobile consumers, and their parents are now utilizing Facebook from smartphones. Wow! Three short years and the tables have turned.

In 2012, social marketing will be hard to pass off as an option and will enter the necessity column. Does social media play a role in your plan? This blog entry is for you!

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Posted on December 14, 2011 in News

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