If you’re going to be social, at least have a plan

Social media is here in a huge way and has made significant inroads into our work and personal lives. The key to a successful social media program is to make sure you are managing it rather than the other way around.

Nearly every day, I take a quick spin through Facebook and Twitter, read a couple blogs and try to keep up with the latest and greatest our industry has to offer. One of the main things I do is to track a few of our most active clients to make sure things are going well, that posts are positive and the dialogue is in keeping with what the client’s branding proposition is.

I also like to track several of my favorite brands.  You see, when you’re following a company online and you like their messages and you’re in tune with what they are saying and you know that they will consistently have something that fits into your world, that’s not an accident. That’s called strategy and it’s all planned out well in advance. These companies take the time to research their markets, they invest in getting to know exactly who their customers are and they test their message over and over again to make sure it is eliciting the desired response which is your purchase and your brand loyalty.

Too many businesses out there today have no plan for their social and online media programs. They have some poor staff member who just happens to have a few free moments each day post something about the special of the week or a new product they just got in and they think they have it under control. But, if you’ve asked yourself even one of the following questions you probably need to rethink your strategy and consider adding some professional expertise.

1. How do I monitor public perception of my brand on social media?
2. What goals do I need to set for my social media strategy?
3. How do I include each company department in our social media strategy?
4. What is the effect of social media on search engine optimization (SEO)?
5. What content is going to get my company the most PR buzz?
6. How do I find a balance with the risks and rewards of social media?

Also, as we all learned again recently, social media giants are constantly changing the game. The recent updates at Facebook left the industry scrambling to determine how it will impact their online efforts. For most companies, keeping on top of the changes is a huge challenge, but one that is very necessary if you are going to realize any success from your efforts.

At KK BOLD, we study and examine social media and how it fits into our clients marketing and branding efforts on a daily basis. We test, research and analyze. We develop strategies, make constant adjustments and we never stop learning. The opportunities within social media are endless, but without a plan it can feel an awful lot like beginning an ocean swim in the middle rather than the shore.

LaRoy Kingsley is the President of KK BOLD. He’s social like a rock and quiet like a fire.

Posted on September 27, 2011 in KK BOLD, News

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