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Are you getting ready for IAFE Convention? Here are some tips! 

– Best of Paris Las Vegas: If you don’t mind heights and love a great view, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a must.

– Think Big! Act Small. Some of the best event marketing campaigns unravel in Las Vegas. So, be looking out for how the National Finals Rodeo and Visit Las Vegas make their campaigns stand out against all of the bright lights.

– Check the #IAFE2014 stream often!

– Here’s the IAFE Conference Program

BOLD moves with IAFE 

The International Association of Fairs and Expos is getting ready to kick off its 124th annual convention in Las Vegas! You’re probably looking at schedules, planning your free time and finishing up your to-do lists before packing your bags and heading for Sin City. Your agenda will be full of workshops, networking and meeting the entertainers, vendors and marketing pros like KK BOLD. We wanted to be the first to introduce you to the award winning work like you’ll see at this year’s IAFE Communication Awards. You can view our most recent campaigns for the North Dakota State Fair, Norsk Høstfest and Medora Musical at the bottom of this page.

Getting ready to market your fair, festival or expo?

The IAFE Annual Convention and Trade Show is the perfect place to get inspired and fired up for your event. While you’re thinking about IAFE Convention, we’re thinking about your next marketing campaign.  We focus on new ways to bring fairs and festivals a greater market share, a bigger voice and ad campaigns that don’t go outside the budget. We take pride in developing the strategy that drives interest, traffic and revenue and we think you will too.

What is a BOLD experience? 

Our work with the North Dakota State Fair spans more than a decade of successful marketing and advertising campaigns but earning the top awards aren’t our only forte. We strive to make sure our fair and festival clients are ahead of their local competition and meeting attendance goals.

We’re not one to boast but of the 21 Communication Award categories our clients consistently place in the top three in a majority of the categories each year. As you’ve guessed, the top marketing campaigns produce increases in attendance and sold-out events. Now that is some positive impact!

Here are highlights of campaigns KK BOLD has recently created:

NDSF 2014 Campaign

We start fresh each year with a look that gets noticed.

Concert ticket buyers, ag exhibitors and information seekers logged in to find a helpful, fully responsive site.

Caramel Apples | North Dakota State Fair | 30 Second TV Spot

On a Stick | North Dakota State Fair | 30 Second TV Spot

See the full North Dakota State Fair Marketing Campaign.

Norsk Høstfest 2014 Campaign

Online marketing starts and ends with the festival website. The website has to sell the experience from the first view, whether on desktop or mobile.

Hear the Music | Norsk Høstfest | 30 Second TV Spot

See the Vikings | Norsk Høstfest | 30 Second TV Spot

See the full Norsk Hostfest Marketing Campaign.

Medora Musical Campaign

The Medora Musical is a nightly performance that takes place in North Dakota’s badlands. This year, the Musical successfully met its attendance goal and had more than 100,000 visitors throughout the summer.

Medora Musical Print Ad

2014 Medora Musical Billboard Design

Medora Musical Billboard Design

Every Day | Medora Musical | 30 Second TV Spot


Can we show you more of our work? Find our portfolio of advertising and marketing campaigns here.

 The BOLD Experience

Each year KK BOLD successfully plans and executes campaigns for more than 30 concerts and events. So if your fair or festival’s marketing needs to go from fair to great, we would like to meet you and learn more. Leave us a comment here or complete this quick form.


Enjoy your conference!

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