Hello, Las Vegas!

“Off the top of my head, I’d say you’re looking at a Boesky, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever.”

I love that line from Brad Pitt’s character in Oceans 11. It rolled off his tongue like he was reciting the alphabet, but the terminology was something only a select few would understand. In advertising, we would say that his message was extremely vertical in nature while still being appealing and informative. It’s an idea that celebrates good planning and, of course, delivers results that were achieved only through outstanding execution.

KK BOLD’s move into Las Vegas also came with a lot of planning. For many years now, we’ve been working with Indian Gaming clients in the western US. It’s given us the opportunity to train and develop a staff of highly skilled individuals who have amassed years of casino, travel and entertainment marketing experience.  We are also fortunate to work with some top-flight properties and develop some solid long-term relationships. We’ve concentrated on consistent stable growth, developing an experienced team and an outstanding track record because we knew when the opportunity came, we needed to be ready.

Now we are ready for Vegas and the challenges that lie ahead.

Our focus will remain with our current clients in the western U.S. Our Las Vegas location gives us the opportunity to enhance our level of service, to access the latest industry trends and to take advantage of the wealth of talent and expertise the market provides. From there we will continually look to develop our business relationships with other Indian Casinos throughout the region.

As for our presence in Las Vegas, we plan on being a proud member of the business community. We are, after all, a full-service advertising agency with a 23-year history and expertise in a variety of business categories beyond gaming.  We are looking forward to putting our skills to work for some of the vibrant companies in the city. We have hired local people and developed relationships with local vendors, and growing our presence in the market is very important to us.

To execute our plan, we know that we must build our reputation based upon our ability to create dynamic marketing programs for a digital age, combined with a desire to inspire our clients and partners in their long-term success.

So, if you’re looking for an agency with a fresh perspective, which works off the front edge of the mainstream and believes that innovation is critical to consistent market development, then drop us a line. A simple conversation to see if there’s a good fit won’t cost you a dime.

KK BOLD is now open for business in Las Vegas.

LaRoy Kingsley is the president of KK BOLD. “Boesky,” as in Wall Street fraudster Ivan Boesky, is a reference to Reiner’s con man Saul. “Jim Brown” refers to the distraction provided by Bernie Mac’s character. “Miss Daisy” is the getaway vehicle. The “two Jethros” are the two hillbilly-ish gearheads played by Caan and Affleck. “Leon Spinks” is the boxing match upset, caused by a power blackout. And “Ella Fitzgerald” is the videotaped robbery passed off as the real thing, a reference to the famous Memorex commercials from the 1970s.


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