Heather fits in like comfortable sweater at KK BOLD

You may recall having read about our two newest, already-here-for-a-year employees at KK BOLD in our last e-newsletter. This issue, we have another new employee, who has only been with us for half a year. See? We’re getting better. Anyway, Heather Donarski is KK BOLD’s newest (or one of the newest, check with us next issue) graphic designer and is working at our Minot office. Let’s tell you about her.

Heather grew up in Roseau, MN with an older brother, who not only taught her how to use a pocket knife, but gave her a few bruises along the way as well. She also has three younger half siblings that she passed the torture torch down to. In high school, Heather was voted the class “Jockette” (We’re not sure what that word means. It must be Minnesotan.), which helped her to ride the pine for a year at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from there.

It’s said that some people go to college to find their true love, but Heather thinks that she found hers at a grain convention instead, just like in the movies. Her boyfriend, Kevin, is the main reason she moved out west. As for describing herself, Heather says “I’ve always been a DIYer, but now I’m a full-time Suzie Homemaker!” If she thinks she’s full-time now, she’s in for a big surprise when she gets older.

A big BOLD welcome to Heather, who we are happy to have on board here at KK BOLD, and even happier for her having taught us the term “torture torch,” because that seems like it would be a really great name for a heavy metal band. Torture Torch. We are going to be HUGE.

Posted on August 27, 2013 in KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG, News

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