Social casino gaming is the next big thing in the gaming world. Greentube, a division of Novomatic Interactive, is leading the way with its private label social casino marketing platform, Greentube Pro. But before gaming entities can take advantage of this new world of opportunities, they have to first know it exists. This is where KK BOLD comes in.

We developed Greentube Pro’s website with a very vertical market in mind — casino property decision makers. Clear, to the point and wrapped in a responsive Parallax package, makes a winning first impression.

KK BOLD has created a number of marketing pieces for Greentube Pro, especially for the gaming trade show and convention circuit. From direct mailings, brochures and swag bag drop-ins to retractable displays and our crown jewel — a glorious 90’ by 8’ banner — we’ve made Greentube Pro an easy brand to remember.

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