Great. Big. Campaign.

Last year was unprecedented for the North Dakota State Fair, which had to cancel because of the devastating Minot flood. But they didn’t let things dampen their spirits, and this year the fun is roaring back stronger than ever.

Most of the marketing materials we developed for the 2011 “Great. Big. Fun.” campaign ended up being cut short, which upset the Fair because they really dug what we created for them. All was not lost! Using a bit of strategy, we refreshed and updated everything for the 2012 season.

Our multilayer approach for concerts — radio, TV, direct mail, social media, newspaper and inserts — has been getting a great response. Of course, having a great lineup helps too, and Blake Shelton’s star has been shining particularly bright this year as a judge on NBC’s The Voice and host (and winner) of the ACM Awards. Seizing the opportunity, we made sure we advertised during these shows. The Fair was excited to rebook Kid Rock for this year, so we gave his concert a special push through radio and online, including Facebook and a VIP giveaway.

And we didn’t stop there.

The full “Great. Big. Fun.” campaign includes several TV commercials and nine radio ads covering different markets, times and messages. The messages range from general audience to targeted groups like day trippers, vacationers, agriculture, and rock and country music enthusiasts. We’ve even targeted those who wait until the last minute and need that extra little nudge. Because of the relationships we’ve developed with radio and TV stations, the Fair will have plenty of live-on-location broadcasts. You can view the spots online at

Print and outdoor have continued to be proven marketing vehicles for the Fair, and digital billboards have given us a fun opportunity to tailor our messages even more. We’re also tracking ticket sales by market and concert to help direct our strategy for next year.

All in all, it’s another great campaign (ten big years and counting!) for a fun client. We encourage all of you and your families to head to the North Dakota State Fair in Minot between July 20 and 28 to experience the “Great. Big. Fun.” for yourself!

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