Gimme S’more!

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So, today is the anniversary of the date that my beautiful bride and I shared our nuptial activities with the world. Fifteen glorious years.

But today isn’t just our day. It’s not even just a day for anniversaries. Lots of things happened on this date in history:

The French got rid of the monarchy in 1792. (They went back to a monarchy in 1814 though).

Candid Camera debuted on television in 1948.

Angie Harmon was born in 1972.

The Magellan space probe entered orbit around Venus in 1990.

But probably the most important thing about August 10th is that it is National S’mores Day (who decides these things?).

I’m not sure about you, but when I think s’mores, I inevitably think about Hershey’s brand chocolate. Why is that? Wouldn’t a s’more taste just as good with some Nestle chocolate inside?

It speaks on the wisdom of the folks at Hershey’s – they make use of our love of s’mores and embrace it, providing s’mores recipies, stories, and even a candy bar called the Hershey S’mores bar.

The folks at Hershey’s could (and perhaps do) find some use in some social media tips and tricks to track s’mores conversation and information as the impending holiday chocoxtraveganza gets set to blow Hershey bars off the shelves.

So with this in mind, I’ve got a few interesting sites and tools to share, and decided to put a graham-cracker-marshmallow-chocolatey spin on them.

1. – Kurrently is a real-time social media search engine that refreshes on a continual basis. Basically you can enter any search term (such as s’mores), set your stream speed to Fast, Slow, or Halt and sit back and wait for s’mores-related Facebook and Twitter posts to come to you.

2. – Social Mention is another social media search service. This one doesn’t do an auto-stream, but it does have a very handy RSS feed that you can add to any RSS reader. It also searches the entire known universe for your search term. Well, that’s what it claims. In reality it searches a very great deal of the social web – more than just Facebook and Twitter. Oh look, someone posted a photo of their s’mores on Flickr!

3. – Klout is a service that can tell you how much social influence you pull. Or push. Whatever. Interestingly, it seems to focus more on Twitter than on Facebook (for instance, you can only do a search that is based on Twitter usernames as opposed to FB profiles). Which means that if you’re a frequent tweeter, you’ll have a better Klout score than if you focus solely on Facebook. Those who are active on both, naturally, score even better. It is an interesting tool to gauge the movers and shakers on the social web (or those with too much time on their hands, perhaps). Hershey’s has a Klout score of 10, currently. My colleague Clay sits at a whopping 65. We call him “King of the Interwebs” around here. But not to his face, because he might get angry. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Kalvin Kingsley has a Klout score of 24, based solely on his Facebook activity. He has never been King of France, nor appeared on Candid Camera (though he did wonder when the strange man just kept talking to him at the Sears store). He has never met Angie Harmon, Magellan, nor anyone named Venus. He did however make s’mores last weekend, and wishes his wife a very happy anniversary. Aww.

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