Facebook continues to fail

There is all kinds of uproar today about the new layout on Facebook. Maybe Facebook felt bad for Netflix and decided to take some heat off of them today. It couldn’t have been anything like Facebook rushing new functionality to the door on the same day that Google+ went live worldwide, could it?

Regardless of how we feel about the new FB layout, one question sprang to mind for us: How will this affect our clients who use social media?

At first glance, things look good. New posts for our clients today are showing up right at the top of our newly-decided-for-us-by-Facebook feed.

However, it is clear that there is a lot of backlash against the new feed handling, and FB users are crying out for some way to have their old “Most Recent” feed handling back.

One person has already come up with a solution, which you can view by clicking here.

The general gist of this solution is to create a new list (which the video creater calls a Google+ ripoff) and add all of your friends. Then, when you come to Facebook, just like you used to click “Most Recent”, you instead click the name of your new list that has all of your friends. Then, the video creator claims, you have the same old feed as you used to.

Well, he’s mostly correct. You have your same old feed if you didn’t follow any business pages or sports figures or authors or…well you get the idea. Clicking on that list will only display status updates from your friends.

While this isn’t a bad workaround, it becomes clear very quickly that anyone who is relying on social media to communicate with their fans or customers will be left out in the cold if this workaround becomes the norm.

We’re anticipating (and hoping for) a little flexibility from Facebook on this one, but one never knows.

Kalvin Kingsley is writing his second blog in two days and remembers when “feed handling” meant heading out to do his chores.

Posted on September 21, 2011 in KK BOLD, News

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