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The marketing campaign for Medora is one that KK BOLD has wanted to take a crack at for a very long time. With their recent selection of KK BOLD as their marketing agency of record, we’ve had our chance to put in place all of the ideas we’ve had for years, and the seeds that we’ve planted aim to take Medora to even higher heights than they’ve previously reached.

Medora’s new marketing campaign theme is “Explore it. Adore it. Medora.”

Medora's New Tagline

Medora’s New Tagline

The new theme was decided on after listening  to what people loved about Medora. What most guests adore about Medora is their ability to have their own individualized Medora experience, whether it’s the history of the area, the rugged beauty of the Badlands, world-class golfing or family-friendly entertainment. When you go to Medora, you have your own idea of the things you want to put on your itinerary. There’s so much to see and do that you end up crafting your own specific, unique relationship with the city. That’s your Medora. This new campaign is meant to reflect that fact.

Developing a Campaign That Works

The migration from paper to digital and increasingly shorter attention spans has changed the way Medora markets themselves. The “Explore It. Adore It.” communication plan aims to meet the user with the information they want, when they want it.  By streamlining the message delivery, to more succinctly capture people’s attention, we overcome the first barrier to earning the attention of a visitor.  We developed a smart communication plan to make sure the right messages are getting to the right people with the least amount of advertising dollar waste possible.

That means communicating in a “get your chance, say what you mean, make it count” delivery.

Marketing efforts going forward are intended to make their point clearly, quickly and cleanly; but we didn’t want to leave out the fun of Medora, so we cultivated friendly humor and added it without cluttering the message. The overall “Explore it. Adore it.” theme is a serious approach, but we still want Medora ads to convey the same kind of fun that visitors can expect from their visits.

Creating Online Experiences

In addition to the new campaign, we helped Medora to launch a new website and a new mobile site for smartphones.

Medora's New Website Design

Medora’s New Website Design

The new website is revamped from top to bottom with a new design and enhanced features to provide visitors to the site the most of their Medora experience.

The new design is intended to visually sell the Medora experience online. The website includes a new “My Medora” planning feature, accompanied by a Google map, which allows visitors to create a list of all their favorite things to do and see while visiting Medora. It also provides a list of daily events happening in Medora. The new site is also designed with an increased amount of admin capabilities, allowing the Medora staff to easily adjust and edit content whenever needed.



Medora's Mobile Landing Page

Medora’s Mobile Landing Page

Medora's Mobile Inside Page Design

Medora’s Mobile Inside Page Design

Mobile traffic has been increasing in Medora due to the general proliferation of mobile browsing. The recent implementation of 4G networks by cell providers in the area made for a perfect situation to launch a new mobile website for Medora, one that could offer current events and mapping tools to be used by visitors when they get to Medora. As such, the new responsive mobile site makes it easier for guests to use while they are actively exploring Medora. It also makes use of the “My Medora” function, so users can have their trip planner available in the palm of their hands during their visit. The site also provides real time information to visitors as they explore, allowing Medora to recommend items for purchase or reserve experiences. It’s all about enhancing the Medora experience for a visitor in every possible way.

This year promises to be an exciting one for both Medora and for KK BOLD. With these new changes in their marketing approach, the city of Medora is poised to welcome more guests than ever before, and we’re extremely excited to have gotten the chance to take them there. This summer, explore the Medora experience for yourself. You’re sure to adore it.


There’s more! Explore the look and feel of this marketing campaign in our online portfolio. Television, radio and digital ad campaigns will hit screens and speakers in just a few weeks. We can’t wait to show you those pieces soon.

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