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It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that in an increasingly digitized media market, the usage of digital signage is becoming more frequent in the marketing plans of most businesses. With its targeted and nonintrusive brand of messaging, digital signage has proven itself to be a highly effective means for advertisers to reach their target markets in innovative new ways.

The last number of years has seen a dramatic rise in the number of digital signage projects for us at KK BOLD, as our clients are embracing this new medium to its fullest in their campaigns, and with good reason. Digital signage is cost-effective, more easily targeted towards consumers, and changes out easier than traditional print signage. Several of our casino clients, including Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, Nisqually Red Wind Casino and Grand River Casino and Resort, have invested heavily into their changeover to these new digital mediums. In a typical month, digital signage projects for each of these clients can range anywhere from 15 to 40, increasingly rivaling the number of print signage projects going out. The demand for digital signage has become so great, just this month we’ve expanded our A/V department to keep up with the increasing demand. Indications are that those numbers won’t be going down any time in the near future.

If you’ve yet to consider the benefits of adding digital signage into your media mix, those of us at KK BOLD would be happy to vouch for its efficiency. Trust us, we have a lot of experience. Give us a call at our Bismarck offices at 701.255.3067 or in Minot at 701.838.1617 and we’ll be happy to talk your ear right off on the multitude of benefits to be provided by digital signage.

Posted on January 9, 2012 in News

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