Digital Marketing Gives Business a Unique Opportunity

Digital marketing allows for a marketing plan that’s as unique as the product, the consumer and the business. Reaching consumers using technology to make a purchasing decision and serving them the right ad at the right time counts for more than just an impression, it’s a trackable interaction with a potential consumer.

Here’s the cliff notes. Google represents buyers from across the globe up to three billion times a day, the number of times that search queries are registered using a Google search engine.  Google’s method of understanding their consumer say that when you’re hungry, the closest sandwich is the best sandwich and when you’re on the go, a shortcut is helpful. Delivering the right content at the right moment is why digital advertising is so powerful.

The advantages of digital marketing start with control. Sure, an advertiser has always had control over where the billboard is located, the print ad is placed or which radio or television station airs the message. Digital’s capabilities expand past space and enter into time. The digital advertisement for the product or service is matched with the needs of the consumer, based on their digital body language, and is positioned to be at the right place at the right time. Information is served when it’s desired and easy one-click buys with visible purchase characteristics are the result.

Digital advertising is versatile without being volatile. Online impressions, clicks and web data are all highly measurable. Therefore, they lend themselves to be highly criticized. The data, though, allows quick changes mid-campaign and, more often than not, changes are able to be made. Online campaigns that aren’t performing can be adapted to intercept a new trend and respond to information. No longer do we rely on estimated numbers of viewers, general traffic counts and a percentage of the market’s viewers to decide whether or not consumers are being reached.

Take advantage of the online environment and reap the results. No longer does a rural business need a six-figure budget to reach a regional consumer. Instead, launch a unique online campaign with interactive banners and highly targeted messages and your consumer will find your product or service at the corner of place and time.

Our digital marketing team has been providing clients with top performing campaigns because they have the right tools and expertise at their disposal. Our national digital logistics firm reviews trends, analyzes research and reports the best optimization practices so that each of our online campaigns have everything in place to maximize the campaign’s level of success. 

Posted on March 9, 2012 in KK BOLD BLOG, KK BOLD Work, Social Media

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