Cloverdale Big Flavor Tour headed your way

Summertime is a great time for the big flavor that Cloverdale Foods consistently provides. But Cloverdale recently realized the one thing their flavorful meat selection needed – wheels. That’s why they recently launched the Big Flavor Tour, and KK BOLD was there to assist them in hitting the road taking their meats to the people.

Don Russell's Big Flavor Tour at the North Dakota State Fair

Don Russell’s Big Flavor Tour utilizes a 40-foot trailer, with a complete kitchen, to travel across the region and prepare Cloverdale brand meats for customers at every top. KK BOLD created a logo and tagline for the Flavor Tour, as well as the graphics used to wrap the Big Flavor Tour trailer. While scheduling, planning and handing out samples is a big job, the most robust part of the campaign happens at which is the home for all things news and information.

As brands take to Instagram to share photos and engage with fans, we made sure the  Cloverdale Instagram feed was ready to make mouths water. With a huge social media marketing push involving contests on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans are getting social with Tangy Summer Sausage and the Big Flavor Tour. Lucky winners could win their own personalized barbecue at in their backyard.Cloverdale Foods Taste Buds Club

Re-identifying with a younger consumer

As the Big Flavor Tour took to the roads, we were asked to identify ways to grow the Cloverdale Foods Big Flavor Country Club. Ultimately the goal of making their club more personal, and appeal to a younger crowd required a name change. The “Taste Buds Club” was born and earned attention from the Cloverdale Foods social community.

The Big Flavor Tour is ongoing, and is now traveling to the west for various events, including games for the Seattle Mariners. KK BOLD will continue to help Cloverdale promote the Tour. There’s been an overwhelmingly positive response to this point, with people writing in to Cloverdale with very good feedback. As the Big Flavor Tour continues to make its way across the country, keep your eyes out and take advantage if you come upon it. If there’s one thing better than a Cloverdale hot dog in the summer, it’s having it delivered right to your waiting hands.


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