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KK BOLD Lurks in the Shadows of Job Shadow Week 2017

At KK BOLD, we do a great many things boldly, one of which is working. So boldly do we do our jobs, in fact, that we were recently asked to (boldly) participate in the 2017 Job Shadow Week in coordination with one of our clients, Bismarck-Mandan Development Association. In total, there were 167 students from…

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Marketing Trends That Will Be Seen in 2017

We saw a lot of changes happen marketing in 2016, and there seems to be no sign of slowing down for a slew of new opportunities for marketers in 2017. With Facebook on top of its game, and mobile usage continuing to grow, digital marketing will see huge advancements. That doesn’t mean marketers should rule…

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Twenty Years of Creative Clayton (A Nickname We Have Never Called Him in Twenty Years)

Twenty years ago during a blizzard, a six-foot tall, duster-clad gentleman with a long ponytail down his back and wide-brimmed leather hat atop his head, walked into Kranzler Kingsley Communications for an interview. It sounds like the start of a western, which isn’t too far off since it’s been a hold-on-tight sort of ride ever…

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Warm Thoughts on Minot Parks District’s Summer Campaigns

With how ridiculously and freakishly bad this winter has been so far, we’re doing our best to put ourselves in a better state of mind, by reflecting upon warmer campaigns, back in a season that we knew as “summer.” Summer was an ideal time, when the temperatures didn’t have a minus sign in front of…

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Location Is Everything in a Mobile World

In 2017, it is estimated that in the US alone, there will be 222.9 million smartphone users. Mobile devices are now an everyday part of all of our lives. So for marketing purposes, how do businesses use this to their advantage? The world of digital marketing seems limitless and ever evolving. Roughly half of all…

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