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Tales From The Front: KK BOLD’s Front Office Team

When you walk in the door at KK BOLD, what’s the first thing you see? Well, the door, obviously. But what’s the second thing? The stairs, right. But the third thing? The front desk. And behind the front desk you’ll find our administrative assistant Alicia Mitzel and assistant office manager Sharene Haux, our front office…

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KK BOLD Gives Designer Genes a Step Up! in 2014

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it is a time for reminiscing and reflection. No, not of the most recent holidays. Those ones were terrible. All we wanted was a pair of roller-blades. What was so hard about that? Grumble. Rather, let’s remember the year prior, and the introduction of KK BOLD’s first…

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Johnson & Misavage Newest Members of KK BOLD

Johnson and Misavage. It sounds like it’d be a great name for a law firm, with two hotshot lawyers taking on the system and each other. But it’s not, because it’s really the names of the two newest additions to the KK BOLD staff, Nolan Johnson and Brad Misavage. Until we can convince them to…

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Steph’s Tenth: Stephanie Schoenrock completes 10 years at KK BOLD

We’ve added another member to the KK BOLD Ten Year Club (Yes, that’s a thing. We have a clubhouse and member decoder rings and everything.) with our Vice President Stephanie Schoenrock having crossed over the decade threshold. She now joins Ted Hanson in having a decade named after her, which in this particular case will…

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Norsk Høstfest Unleashes Pure Scandimonium in 2014

In 2014, Norsk Høstfest was the Møstfest. It was certainly no Ghøstfest. Rather, it was more of a Grandiøsefest. New heights in attendance were achieved since 2010, younger demographics than ever before showed up, and KK BOLD was along for the ride. So as this year’s Norsk Høstfest had a lot of things of which…

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