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Seven Alternatives to “I Look Forward to Hearing from You”

You’re writing an important email and want to close with an impact, but everything you come up with sounds so cliché. Check out this post on the Grammarly blog and say goodbye to ho-hum email endings. Debra Anderson, PR Director

Guests “Live a Little” at Little Creek Casino Resort

Little Creek Casino Resort turned to KK BOLD for a fresh new brand and a consistent approach to marketing the property and its many amenities. “Little Creek was familiar with our work in the Olympia, Washington, market, which helped us get a jumpstart on establishing a strong working relationship with their internal marketing team,” said…

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The Basics of Branding

The branding we do at KK BOLD doesn’t involve livestock or branding irons, but we do want to set your marketing apart. This article titled “The Basics of Branding” in Entrepreneur magazine does a nice job of summarizing what it takes to create and maintain an effective brand. Of course, we can help you through…

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KPIs – Measuring the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

You’ve put your heart, soul and budget into a marketing campaign, and now your fingers are crossed, hoping it’s a success. Instead of praying people will like your campaign and rave about it to your boss, there’s a better way to set yourself up for a big win. By establishing measurable expectations on the front…

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KK BOLD and the North Dakota State Fair – 15 Years of Making Summers Shine

Summer is about to start heating up at the North Dakota State Fair, and KK BOLD’s 2018 NDSF marketing campaign soon will kick into high gear. “This is our 15th year of promoting the State Fair,” said Stephanie Schoenrock, KK BOLD vice president. “We look forward to the challenge of keeping their marketing materials fresh,…

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