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Taco John’s Adds BOLD New Flavor

If you’re a fan of fast, affordable, quality Mexican food (which, presumably, you are, because why wouldn’t you be?), you are already quite familiar with Taco John’s. Taco John’s was already known for their bold and savory menu items, but, as of recently, they’ve kicked up the boldness factor, by adding KK BOLD to their fold. It’s almost too much boldness to handle. Almost.

North Dakota State Fair Great Big Winner at IAFE Awards

The North Dakota State Fair and KK BOLD are very excited to once again be recognized with multiple Hall of Honors Communication Awards by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions at their 125th annual convention in Las Vegas. Founded in 1885, the IAFE represents more than 1,100 fairs around the world. The North Dakota…

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Unison Bank Goes Ahead With New Website Design

When everything in your website is working in unison, it’s a beautiful thing. Thus, when Unison Bank needed a revamp of their existing website to better match their current and future marketing, KK BOLD was able to take a beautiful thing and make it an even beautifuler thing. The new Unison website at features…

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Tales From The Front: KK BOLD’s Front Office Team

When you walk in the door at KK BOLD, what’s the first thing you see? Well, the door, obviously. But what’s the second thing? The stairs, right. But the third thing? The front desk. And behind the front desk you’ll find our administrative assistant Alicia Mitzel and assistant office manager Sharene Haux, our front office…

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KK BOLD Gives Designer Genes a Step Up! in 2014

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it is a time for reminiscing and reflection. No, not of the most recent holidays. Those ones were terrible. All we wanted was a pair of roller-blades. What was so hard about that? Grumble. Rather, let’s remember the year prior, and the introduction of KK BOLD’s first…

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