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KK BOLD Gives Star Treatment to Town & Country Credit Union Campaign

We all like rewards, right? Seems like it. Our good friends at Town & Country Credit Union recently launched a rewards program for their customers, and we had the privilege of coming up with an ad campaign announcing it. The work we did proved to be very rewarding for all involved. Very rewarding, indeed. TCCU…

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Know Your Noggin Increases Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Sometimes RFP opportunities jump off the page and scream go for it! That’s how it was for the KK BOLD team when we reviewed the North Dakota Brain Injury Network and North Dakota Department of Human Services’ RFP for traumatic brain injury media services. “Our team read the RFP and saw the numbers and facts…

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KK BOLD Minot Staff Has Very Eventful February

February saw a lot of charity events taking place that KK BOLD staff were privileged to participate in. We wanted to cast a quick spotlight on all three events and to also show off some pictures of the staff in their fancy duds. Fancy duds is a term we use in North Dakota to mean…

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Why We Are Not, Any Of Us, Going Viral Ever Again

People, we need to talk about this whole “going viral” thing. Specifically, what we need to discuss is maybe just calling it a day with the whole thing. That okay with everyone? We just give up with this trying to “go viral” business? “But Erik,” I’m certain you’re saying out loud at this very moment,…

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There’s a whole lot of media going on with Taco John’s.

The tastiest media strategy on KK BOLD’s plate is for Taco John’s. The strategy behind Taco John’s marketing includes a mix of traditional and digital media. Having a presence on traditional mediums, such as broadcast TV and cable is necessary for a fast food restaurant, but moving into the online world is imperative to their…

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