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4 Reasons to Be Wary of the Specialist

Someone who claims to be a specialist is, by definition, claiming to be devoted to one particular subject or even a branch of a subject. That devotion, then, is meant to imply expertise and excellence. This can be a very good thing. In medicine, for instance, a pulmonary specialist is a handy person to have…

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Noise: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Consider the yodeler. On a good day in the Swiss Alps, a yodeler can be heard for miles around. (Well, kilometers, actually, since it’s Switzerland.) On a bad day in a busy New York City intersection, that same yodeler might only be heard within a 15-foot radius, just before a cabbie drives into him. Not…

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4 Fictional Character Traits To Emulate

In the bold world of agency life, I wear a lot of different hats on any given day. From the worst (hard drive crashes, networking snafus, that sort of thing) to the best (client meetings, networking socials, that sort of thing), there are things I’ve learned from a variety of fictional characters. These are a…

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Spring Cleaning for your Facebook News Feed

Keeping up with your news feed shouldn’t be a chore. You should have the information you’re interested in categorized the way you like it. And it should all be ready at just a click to provide you with the most recent content available on Facebook. Agree? The newest addition to Facebook should make you smile.…

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Sound Bites and Blue Laws

A few days ago, a colleague posted some thoughts about ballot measure election advertising sound bites. Although the urge to post those musings may have been a symptom of “measure madness” (an affliction that affects those of us who work on these campaigns), he made some valid points. That got me thinking about how North…

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