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G’day, Mate!

Running with the bulls in Spain was still fresh on Elise Braun’s mind when she joined KK BOLD in October 2015. Now that same thirst for travel is calling her name and leading Elise to a whole new life down under in Melbourne, Australia. For the two+ years between adventures, KK BOLD and our clients…

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Ten Tips to Improve Your Communication

Plain and simple – we are all communicators! Even if you believe your communication skills are stellar, challenge yourself to take it up a notch in at least one of these 10 areas. The list is from 2016, but the goals are equally as relevant today. – Debra Anderson, Public Relations Director

Charitable Giving Doubled by Twice Blessed

Life for some may be twice as nice, thanks to St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation’s Twice Blessed campaign, a matching grant program now doubling individual contributions made to 23 Minot area non-profit organizations by Dec. 31, 2017. From Bottineau to Garrison, from a local fire department to a summer camp – Twice Blessed provides an…

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Google Analytics: Measuring Your Success on the World Wide Web

Have you ever wondered what brings potential customers to your website or how they reached your site? With Google Analytics, you can get answers to both questions. Google Analytics can track how many people are coming to your site and how they are interacting with the site once they get there. It can track your…

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Snapchat Sorts out Its Priorities

Snapchat is getting a facelift by putting the most relevant content first. The new design should make it easier for adults to use, plus provide a better way for advertisers to reach target audiences. It’s all about the algorithms – and stiff competition from Facebook/Instagram. Check out this article by Josh Constine. Elise Braun, Digital…

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