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KK BOLD Announces Creative Team Promotions

Graphic design that looks effortless is usually an indication of the talent behind the work. Recognition of that talent at KK BOLD prompted LaRoy Kingsley, president, to promote three members of the creative team whose graphic designs breathe life into the brands created for our clients. The promotions include: Art director Janene Pudwill to senior…

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Medora Wraps Up Sucessful Season

Bigger. Better. More of what guests want to see. For more than five decades, visitors have come to the North Dakota Badlands for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation’s signature event, but guests now have many entertainment choices to wrap around a trip to the Medora Musical. This expansion of options is paying off in the…

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What’s the big idea?

  Learn the big secrets to big ideas by reading on, if you dare. Since the dawn of humanity, we have struggled with coming up with ideas. For example, it took Grok the Stinky over 96 moon cycles to come up with his life-saving slogan, “Try not to get stomped on by those stupid wooly…

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Agency Spotlight: KK BOLD Media Placement Division

This month, our Agency Spotlight falls upon the humble and hard-working staffers in our media placement department. Here at KK BOLD, we’re very aware of the necessity of a strong, knowledgeable media department placing advertisements with skill and economy. To use an analogy involving breakfast pastries, which are the only kinds we ever use, think…

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Who Are the iGen, and What Do They Want?

Get ready, Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. iGen is here, and we may not fully understand them. Also known as Gen Z and Centennials, the iGen was born between 1995 and 2012. They were young adolescents when the iPhone was introduced in 2007, and they do not remember a time before the Internet. In…

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