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KK BOLD makes its mark at IAFE

Are you getting ready for IAFE Convention? Here are some tips!  – Best of Paris Las Vegas: If you don’t mind heights and love a great view, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a must. – Think Big! Act Small. Some of the best event marketing campaigns unravel in Las Vegas. So, be looking out for…

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It’s Wayne’s World, We Just Live In It

As you may have heard by now, Wayne Kranzler, founding partner of KK BOLD and all-around decent human being, will be retiring on November 28. They (being the people in charge who are not Wayne Kranzler) asked me if I could write a blog post in his honor. Of course I could. As a matter…

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On the subject of Wayne Kranzler, soon-to-be retiree

At the end of November, the agency formerly known as Kranzler Kingsley becomes a little less Kranzler. On November 28, Wayne Kranzler, chairman and founding partner along with LaRoy Kingsley of KK BOLD, rides off into the metaphorical sunset of retirement. Wayne has been and remains a large part of KK BOLD, and we’d like…

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Celebrating 25 years of marketing and advertising expertise

Silver & BOLD: A 25th Anniversary Celebration

We rolled out the red carpet, presented the Boldie Awards, ate the food and drank the specialty cocktails to celebrate 25 years of assisting clients meet their marketing, advertising and branding goals. Thank you to all of our clients, vendors, friends and staff for making KK BOLD your advertising agency of choice. Here are a…

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25 Years of BOLD: 25 KK BOLD Happenings in the Last 25 Years

As we continue our slow march to celebrating 25 years of existence at KK BOLD, today we look back fondly at the previous 25 years and the many strange events that have brought us to today’s date. A large many bizarre occurrences have taken place in the KK BOLD offices over the years; so many,…

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