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Fun With Clickbait Titles

Really, the title of this blog post should have been “He Clicked a Link that Looked Interesting. What Happened Next Will Shock You!” Or something similar. Clickbait titles have been around for quite a while. You’ve seen them all over the place, even if you didn’t realize they had a name. I’ve written some myself…

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KK BOLD Opens Nominations for the Second Annual “Step Up!” Community Service Project

Nominations begin today for a non-profit/not-for-profit agency to receive up to $15,000 in free creative services from KK BOLD. KK BOLD is inviting participation in its second annual Step Up! community service project through a five-week public nomination and voting process. Nominations can be made on the KK BOLD website at; voting will take…

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KK BOLD Moons Over Miami (No Whammy) For Tammy

And now, as is a running tradition for new hires at KK BOLD, our newest account manager Tammy Hein will be welcomed on board the KK BOLD staff with a popular 1980s musical number rewritten to include her name. Today’s selection will be Toni Basil’s number 1 hit single from 1981, “Mickey.” And a one,…

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Are blogs worth it?

Social media is weird. Parents and grandparents are flocking to Facebook just as their children and grandchildren are fleeing it. For some strange reason, Twitter is trying to be more and more like Facebook. Google+ inexplicably still hasn’t been deactivated like the rest of Google’s social experiments. Tumblr is awash in a Yahoo wave of awkward…

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Steph’s Tenth: Stephanie Schoenrock completes 10 years at KK BOLD

We’ve added another member to the KK BOLD Ten Year Club (Yes, that’s a thing. We have a clubhouse and member decoder rings and everything.) with our Vice President Stephanie Schoenrock having crossed over the decade threshold. She now joins Ted Hanson in having a decade named after her, which in this particular case will…

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