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Lindsey Dockter the Right ℞ for the KK BOLD Team

KK BOLD has been graced with a new account executive, and said account executive is one Lindsey Dockter. NOTE: Lindsey is not really a doctor. That is why Dockter is listed after her name and not before, and also why it is spelled incorrectly. Just in case anyone was confused by that. Lindsey grew up…

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Good Marketing is Not an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, Obviously

You’ve seen them at buffets. Perhaps you’re one yourself. People who make sure that every millimeter of their plate is covered with food. Food piled high into a precarious pyramid that makes middle school health teachers weep. (And then there are the Double Platers, but they’re at a whole other level.) Why do they do…

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Minot Auto Does Outdoor TV Shoot in Summer; KK BOLD Production Team Melts

June! It can be a windy and hot month in North Dakota! Also, it can be the name of a person, so if your name is June, we would like to apologize for yelling at you at the beginning of this paragraph! It was unintentional, June! Anyway, the KKB production team traveled to Minot recently…

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North Dakota Lottery’s New Emerging Markets Campaign Looks Like A Winner

You there! The one reading this e-newsletter. Yes, you! You know what you look like? You look like a winner! Now, we have no way of gauging that since we obviously can’t see you, since you put that sticker over the camera on your monitor. But we can still safely say you look like a…

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GMA’s Twitter Thinks Frogs Are Lizards, But That’s None of My Business

A lot of major brands on their social media feeds are sort of like your father, in that they desperately want to fit in with you and go to the mall with you and your friends later, if that’s okay. Because everybody wants to feel like they’re still hip and with it, and that goes…

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